The most efficient customer intimacy experience ever made.

Time to pivot your company towards a Human-Centric Customer Experience.

Your customers deserve meaningful interactions throughout their entire journey.

Nothing hurts more than losing a customer that loves your product.

We are confident that you'll agree...

Your customers deserve the very best experiences.


Companies that excel at personalisation drive 40% more revenue.

And research shows your company needs to leverage data and move from Customer Experience to Human-Experience.


How do I fuel my Company with DACX?

Lead Enrichment

Time is precious, and in today's world, standard approaches fall short

DACX empowers your commercial teams to establish new customer relationships with valuable insights, enabling a personalized and impactful approach from the very first interaction.

In a landscape where customers expect more than just product information, DACX ensures that your first impression is one that lasts.

Personae Building

Understanding your customers goes beyond merely suggesting products. Feels like stating the obvious, but in reality we see little of this in practice.
Personae Building involves grasping their motivations, interests, and forging a personal connection that transforms customers into brand ambassadors.

DACX simplifies this process through advanced personae building, ensuring that your customers choose not just your products, but the distinctive experience your brand provides.

Explore Customer Intimacy

We provide a range of solutions designed to enhance your Human-Centric Customer Experience. We're eager to understand your most pressing challenges.

And perhaps you're wondering what we mean by making customer intimacy scalable or boosting your revenue funnel?

Let's explore the possibilities together.

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