Because your customers deserve better

DACX is born from a fundamental need to shift the focus of customer experience away from a product-centered approach to one that's deeply personal and rooted in relationships.

DACX offers its transformative touch to a wide range of companies, but we're born from a deep-rooted understanding of financial and insurance services. This is where our expertise originated.

In a nutshell, DACX ensures that every company can give their customers an experience that feels tailor-made just for them from a human-centric approach. It's like having your own personal guide, and financial advisor rolled into one – all thanks to the power of human-centric data.

In a world where digital technologies have become the norm, the human element often lags behind or, in some cases, disappears altogether. Today's customer connections are frequently forged not on shared passions or individual rapport, but instead through standardized methodologies that are applied uniformly across customers. These methodologies often reflect the organization's identity more than the customer's individuality. This, unfortunately, results in lost opportunities for value creation and a decreased effectiveness in nurturing the bond between company and customer.

Our journey at DACX has been guided by our own experiences. We've recognized that even the most exceptional product can fall short when a genuine connection is missing during face-to-face interactions. The most diligent efforts can't prevent a customer from leaving if the conversation fails to resonate or if the engagement doesn't align with their perspective. We believe in the potential for improvement and the imperative for change. That's why we've been working tirelessly behind the scenes to craft a solution that bridges the gap between scalable, tangible customer intimacy and the digital landscape. Our purpose is to empower businesses to elevate their customer relationships to new heights.

We look forward to meeting in person soon to share our passion on this topic.

The Founders

Christophe & Yannick

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Born in 1948

Raised in the UK

Married twice

Lives in a castle

Wealthy & famous

Ozzy Osbourne
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