The Team

Meet our founding DACX team

At the heart of our organization, you'll find a dynamic and dedicated founding team. Together, they bring a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to drive our ambition forward. Allow us to introduce the visionaries behind our journey.

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Christophe Beke


Meet Christophe, our Co-Founder at DACX. With a passion for innovation, customer experience and technology, Christophe has been at the forefront of our startup journey. He thrives on using technology to solve complex business challenges and drive innovation.

Outside of the office, Christophe is a man of action. He can often be found hiking in the great outdoors, experimenting with his culinary skills in the kitchen, or diving deep into the world of IoT and technology. What sets him apart? He's always on the move, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless desire to explore new horizons.

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Yannick Vandecappelle


Meet Yannick, our co-founder at DACX. With over a decade of experience in DATA and IT, he's your go-to expert for all things related to digital transformation in the private and wealth industry. Yannick's superpower, honed over years of bridging the gap between business and IT? Understanding your unique challenges and crafting solutions that truly matter and, most importantly, make sense.

Beyond his professional life, Yannick is a proud father of two and a loving husband. He's passionate about running and spending time outdoors, savoring life's simple pleasures, such as relishing great food and connecting with awesome people. His guiding mantra? There are no coincidences; everything unfolds for a reason.

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Front-end development

Meet Mathias, our front-end wizard at DACX. He acquired his bag of experience by starting as a consultant in various of fields, such as health-, energy, start-up and government sector. In his most recent years, he specialised in crafting beautiful user interfaces for our customers.

Outside of work, Mathias is not only a dedicated husband but also takes immense pride in being a loving father to his daughter. Sports are also his passion, and they never fail to bring a smile to his face.

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Back-end development

Next up is Lorenz, this vessel of energy has four years of development experience.Before joining DACX he was a .NET Consultant, working on various projects and trying to leave an impression wherever he went. He has experience in both enterprise development as well as start-up development.

On a personal level he is a charismatic person. He loves the mountains and he lost his heart the first time he stood on a snowboard. He never misses a good powder day in the mountains.

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Are You The DACX Ninja We Need

#DATA #AI #.NET #BACKEND #MachineLearning


Whether your expertise is in Data, AI, Infrastructure, Security  or Back-end development, consider joining us as a

Feel free to contact the founders to explore opportunities, be it for an internship or a permanent position. Looking forward to talk opportunities. 💥 🙌 💥

Hi there 👋 , seeking for a place to shine 🤩 ?

We're on a constant quest to discover exceptional talent. At DACX, we value attitude as much as qualifications. Our doors are open to all applicants!

Whether your expertise is in AI, Infrastructure, Security, Front-end, or Back-end development, consider joining us as a DACX NINJA. Feel free to contact the founders to explore opportunities, be it for an internship or a permanent position. If there's no immediate fit, remember that tomorrow brings new horizons

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